In Your Car


  • Always keep your gas tank full! Fill it when it reaches 1/2 a tank. You will thank yourself when you are not able to fill the tank in an emergency.
  • Think of your car’s trunk as a big steel supply cabinet. Keep your supplies in the trunk along with other items like tools, jumper cables and spare tire.
  • Even if you are at home when a disaster strikes, and your home is well stocked, you may still need the supplies in your car. Your house may not be safe to enter, or may catch fire after a disaster like an earthquake (like many houses in Kobe, Japan or the Marina District of San Francisco).
  • Your car will be one of your most important resources after a disaster strikes. Keep it mechanically sound, and pay close attention to the exhaust system. A leaking exhaust system could kill.
  • Replace your battery every 2-3 years. In an emergency, your car battery will need to run the radio and heater for extended periods.